Always be a poet. Even in prose.

Dominique Beyens

Whether highlighting the architectural grandeur of the capital city, drawing attention towards a coastal or rural panorama or focusing on his beloved street photography, Dominique Beyens’ diverse style effortlessly captures the beauty and presence within.
A precise sense of timing and engagement becomes clearly apparent in his humorous portraits of animals; alongside the satirical naming of his artworks throughout the series.

A full-time artist originally from Belgium, Dominique has been living and working in Ireland for over 25 years.
The commercial silver halide series which is loved by locals and visitors alike is well known but it has been the fine art carbon edition that has set him apart where he combines his practice as a painter and interest in alternative printing processes on proven age-old natural art materials. Works that are best experienced in situ rather than the digital medium.
Dominique was awarded the prestigious RDS Freyer Art Award in 2012 overseen by judges from the RDS, National Gallery of Ireland, RHA and IMMA. Works has been collected and widely shown both nationally and internationally.
His “Dublin Town” project recently featured in the Irish American Heritage Museum on Broadway, Albany, New York. December 2015
Works are available from the small to the very large. There’s an open mind about projects that might interest him which doesn’t necessarily depend on a big budget


Dominique Beyens Eclectic Lens Photographer

Limited Edition Carbon Prints

The paper used is manufactured from pure cotton fibre and has been used for drawing and printmaking for over 500 years. It is claimed that the paper is so durable that it will remain beautiful and vibrant for centuries without conservation hence the inclusion of the ‘infinity’ sign in the watermark on the paper. The paper is made without acid or optical brighteners and are mould-made and gelatin sized.
The inks used to create the images are 100% black pigment and are exceptionally resistant to fading and other deterioration caused by natural elements. This results in prints with the best light fastness and longevity..


Open Edition Silver Halide Photographs

Printed on Fuji Crystal Archive Paper, this series is printed in a professional lab, and is the type of work one sees in most Photographic Galleries, a lower cost alternative to the Limited Edition Carbon Prints.

Black and White : Colour : Mixed Media

Dominique loves the field of Black and White Photography but is not averse to Colour, and as he also dabbles in Painting he likes to persue a Mixed Media approach to his works.